Educ. Infan.

Two years Pre-universitarian Grade.

Orden ESD/4066/2008 BOE.

 Curricula divided in “módulos”, different skills areas and a Práctical Proyect ( three months) that Arenas fpCampus cand do at the Infants School. 

  • There, children are given the confidence to explore, discover, control and shape all that they do, within a broadly-based curriculum which is tailored to meet their individual needs. We ensure that all our children feel valued members of the School community and derive pleasure, benefit and security from a sense of belonging.

We appreciate the value of providing first-hand experiences and also of using both structured play and talk as media for learning. We aim to encourage children to develop academic abilities as well as "emotional intelligence" - those personal qualities such as enthusiasm, self-motivation, persistence, empathy with other people and social skills, which are vital for all kinds of success in life.

Our aim is to develop well-motivated and independent learners, who take a pride in well-produced work, who strive for high personal achievement and who have a confident and positive response to all the new experiences they encounter. We are committed to developing a close partnership between home and school.


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