Sports FP

Two years preuniversitarian grade.

Official curricula.

See Orden 22 de febrero 2008 Gobierno de Canarias.

Physical Education is a healthy complement to the intellectual effort made by the pupils. At Colegios Arenas sports are treated as a physical activity or with competitive aims, taking into consideration the age and the circumstances of pupils.

The school creates an environment in which pupils participate in and enjoy the many sports offered within the timetable and as extra curricular activities.

The centre offers excellent facilities and an enthusiastic group of teachers, coaches and specialists whose objective is to teach the necessary skills and to create a healthy attitude towards sport.

The school provide a well  balanced and varied mix of sports, tailored to suit all age segments. Among these are (depending on centres): psycho-motor training, initiation to sports, gymnastics,padel, judo, karate, dance, chess, soccer , basketball, volleyball, handball, synchronous swimming and athletics.


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